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ITA Programs

Weekly Programmes

Wednesday evenings

  • Islahi (refor­ma­tion­al) pro­gram­me. Top­ics relat­ing to spir­i­tu­al enhance­ment and ref­or­ma­tion are dis­cussed.

Friday evenings

  • Tafseer Quran. Com­men­tary of the Quran is deliv­ered to enable the lis­ten­ers to under­stand the Quran.

Annual Jalsa

  • On com­ple­tion of the Aca­d­e­mic year senior and junior stu­dents of the Acad­e­my give their pre­sen­ta­tions in var­i­ous lan­guages. The stu­dents are then given their awards

Annual Hajj Programme

  • Prospec­tive pil­grims are taught how to per­form both Umrah and Hajj. The pro­gram­me goes through the full details of Hajj and Umrah with rel­e­vant masa’il and issues dis­cussed. Prac­ti­cal demon­stra­tions as well as pow­er point dis­play are used. The pro­gram­me ends with a ques­tion & answer ses­sion.

Annual Roohani (spiritual) Programme

  • Var­i­ous masha’ikh deliv­er talks on top­ics relat­ed to spir­i­tu­al enhance­ment. Many of the talks are given by Khu­lafah of Arif­bil­lah Moulana Shah Hakeem Muham­mad Akhtar (D.B.). talks are in Eng­lish and Urdu.

Annual Tarbiyatu-Shabaab Programme

  • A spe­cial pro­gram­me for the Tar­biayh of the youth (Shabaab). All talks are given in Eng­lish and top­ics relat­ing to youth issues are dis­cussed.

16 day Intensive Shar’iah Course (December)

  • This is an inten­sive course cov­er­ing top­ics like, Hadith, Fiqh, Aqeedah, Tafseer and Tajweed. The course is for 16 days with 6 hours of lessons each day. Many new-Mus­lims local and from Europe attend the event

Open day for people of all faith

  • This is to allow peo­ple of oth­er faiths the chance to view the Acad­e­my.